Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post on the SCASL Wiki

HAH! It worked. I think. I'm still not so sure. I am apprehensive that I will do something really boneheaded to mess up the SCASL wiki. What if I mess up somebody else's stuff? What if all disappears? Anxiety will eat me up one day! Although I couldn't use the [ ] to write the http---the "add a link " in the toolbar seemed to work. Like I said, I'm still hoping that I didn't mess it up. I think it is working. I was able to connect on click. Technological self-confidence is VERY slow in coming. Doubt lurks like a huge monster in the back of my head. I don't mind messing up my own stuff. I can delete and start over, or grin and try to bear it. But being involved in someone else's public display--- believe it or not, my hands are still slightly trembling after hitting that save button. Breathe deeply and keep going! Because I know that I feel like this after tackling and attempting a "technological feat," I do try to be very patient, encouraging, and compassionate while helping my fearful colleagues as they consent to explore and step out to try new things. Successful or not, we must persevere and find those who are "in the know" and are willing to help. So, if you see that I made a boo-boo or an out right goof---don't hesitate to bring it to my attention.....and that is why I call it ....Ramblin' :-&


Cathy Nelson said...

You needn't worry about messing up the wiki. That is another beauty of wikis. They have a "history link" and the "owner" of the wiki can revert back to any date in the wiki, which makes it easy to correct issues that come up. So don't worry. Also, you should include hyperlinks to the sites you are dabbling in for 23 things. I wanted to go see your "work" at the scasl wiki, but you did not leave me a link, causing me to hve to search on my own. Your link is successfully there. I didn't realize that I had not updated my information there since moving my blog to my own domain, so it was a good reminder. The history link is at the bottom of the page just in case you want to see who has edited that page and when. If someone REALLY messes it up, the administrator of the wiki can make corrections becasue they will have a link beside each revision that let's the opwner put it back to a previous revision. Don't fret--I'm STILL trying to wrap my mind around using wikis.

Mrs. Cubby said...

You are such a gracious encourager and supporter. Thank you for the support you knowingly give and for the support that so many of us get from you just by the work that you do and the interest you have in all things Techno. Happy Thanksgiving to you if I don't have the opportunity to be in touch again before then.

Lori said...

Whew, I just added my blog to the SCASL wiki page, and you're right - it is a little intimidating to look at that screen and start editing it! Congratulations to us both for trying new things!